Blind and Screen offers Vane Savers

Vertical Blinds frequently have to be repaired. What needs to be especially repaired are the slats, which are technically known as vanes. Vane slats breaking usually occurs in apartments, rental properties, offices and houses. They break at the top hole where the head-rail stems click into. Breaking occurs from abuse and mistreatment of the vertical blinds, including the harsh UV sunlight over time makes a vane slat become brittle. After years of sun exposure, PVC vanes will become brittle and break. Another thing to be aware of is that certain chemicals in cleaning solutions like bleach may make the plastics brittle too.

Replacing or having to constantly repair broken vanes may be a problem, whether or not you’re a homeowner, tenant, maintenance person or a property manager – and it may be expensive!  According to Mr. Bob Schmidt with Home Remodel Workshop, “Vertical Blinds take a lot of abuse.”  “The most common damage that happens to a vertical blind is a little section of the blind gets tore off when it gets hooked on something or tugged.” Also, referring to the new vane saver “Slide it over the hole, line it up with the existing hole and popping it in place. This quick and easy tip must not be known to very many people because I’ve seen a lot of duct tape, masking tape, people try to super glue things on.” I have even seen people trying to use staples and even a shoelace once glued with Elmer’s glue. That one still baffles me…lol.

Most people are unaware of this cool little part that can fit in your tool box or even in your pocket. The Vane Saver is made of a clear plastic or metal tab that attaches to the top of a broken vane for an easy repair.

Metal Vane Saver Repair Clips oneVertical Blind slat repair part / kits. zinc Plated Vane Saver. Used for repairing damaged top notch holes in PVC and aluminum vertical vanes. This allows the use of original vane wherever breakage has occurred. Clip is 1 7/8″ wide and will work on 2″ or wider vanes. It also reduces return trips to the job site or apartment unit. It’s simple to use and stays on tight! For purchase some vane saver online now go to


Also offer are the clear plastic vane savers that are available in packs of 4 ea. or 100 ea. per box.  at


Management companies that use a higher number of apartment units may want to purchase a top notch tool to punch a new hole into vanes.
Either choice will help any maintenance or repair technician make their work easier on the job and saves time without the hassle and extra cost of ordering new vanes or blinds.


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