Learn how to fix a stuck vertical blind

Check out this video that I recorded last week. It was unscripted and a surprise that we even shot it. I felt like it was a great opportunity to share with the public this information to help people from breaking their vertical blinds.

We were on the job site finishing up some work and the apartment manager came up to me because as she said that there are some broken blinds that need to be fixed. The blinds were not broken. It was a case of product misuse. All the vanes or slats were crossed over. This causes the vertical blind to lock up and not rotate.

How does this happen? Usually the resident of the unit leaves the sliding glass door open, while leaving the blinds closed. The wind causes all the vanes to overlap. Please be aware of this problem next time you open your sliding glass doors. Be sure to always rotate your vertical blinds open and traverse them back to one side before opening your sliding glass door.

Thank you very much for reading my post.

Yours truly,

Steve Tristan

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