Tape measure tricks for all handymen & renovators

It’s one of the most commonsense developments ever, loaded with shrouded highlights you presumably never knew existed!

How are your measuring tape aptitudes? Shockingly, a measuring tape is one of the most useful innovations ever, brimming with shrouded highlights you likely never knew existed that will make the odd DIY home improvement work like measuring wall for TV mounting or hanging any scenery etc. etc. becomes a lot simpler and easier!

Look at all the things your measuring tape can do:

1. The ‘screw get’

You likely definitely realized that you could snare (or clasp) the finish of a measuring tape over the edge of a surface and walk-in reverse to broaden the tape out, yet have you ever thought about what that little space in the metal snare is for? That little opening is a ‘nail and screw snatch’, which perfectly slips over the level top of a nail or screw to assist you withholding the tape set up when you’re flying performance.

measuring tape nail screw grab

2. The scribing device

Another perfect little component that makes home fixes and unspecialized temp jobs simpler is the serrated edge of the metal snare on the finish of a measuring tape (not all have them, so check). By hauling it to and fro on a surface, you can stamp out an estimation down to the millimeter.

measuring tape serrated snare


3. The snare has ‘play’

Unmistakably, the snare must be our preferred aspect of the measuring tape since we continue discussing it, yet here’s one more… You’ll notice the snare on the finish of the tape has some ‘play’ or squirm room on it, and the end centimeter of the tape might be marginally littler than a genuine centimeter. This is on the grounds that relying upon whether you’re estimating outwardly or within something, you’ll need the snare thickness to either be considered aspect of the estimation or not; hence, there is development every method of about a millimeter or somewhere in the vicinity. This development is called ‘play’.

4. The tape has estimations

Well duh! However, truly, remain with us… We carry on with life by the decimal standard here in Australia, yet it is as yet regular for royal estimations to spring up sometimes, for example, the plans you got off the web. So it’s very convenient that measuring tape tapes are frequently set apart out by centimeters and inches and separated further into parts (for example 1/4 inch).

5. The length of the measuring tape ‘lodging’ checks

The lodging (for example the handheld compartment that ‘houses’ the tape) can really be an exceptionally convenient companion for home fix occupations. On the off chance that you’ve ever attempted to gauge within the length of something, you’ll realize it very well may be very troublesome.

All things considered, uplifting news – the lodging of the measuring tape is frequently set apart with an estimation of length (for example 10cm) that you can use to make life somewhat simpler. Rather than attempting to gauge within something corner to corner by bowing the tape, position the measuring tape inside and draw the length of the tape out from surface to surface. Observe the estimation on the tape (for example 65cm) and include it to the length of the measuring tape lodging (65cm + 10cm = 75cm)… and presto, exact estimations!

6. Some measuring tapes are superior to other people

Contingent upon what you need to utilize it for, there are various lengths of measuring tapes accessible that are preferable for certain positions over others. For instance, a 8m tape is incredible for the specialist doing little home improvement occupations like cabinetry, yet for greater positions like open-air and development, you may require something longer and perhaps more grounded.

You can get measuring tapes with attractive snares, cutting edge locking systems, and ones that can do a ‘stand apart measure’ for snaring objects far away (for example you remain in one spot, and utilize your hand to broaden the tape; it holds its weight and expands evenly). This is getting into cutting edge jack of all trades an area, however; be careful!

Since you’re furnished with insider data, it’s an ideal opportunity to show your measuring tape abilities off to your companions. Do you have some other measuring tape stunts to impart to most of us beginners?


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