Interior Designer Shares What She Would Never Have in Her Living Room

This article talks about why this designer doesn’t like vertical blinds. She mentions the light control doesn’t appeal to her. Huh? Are you serious? Yes many cheap low cost apartment vertical blinds look cheap but they do control light.

I don’t think it has so much to do with the controlling of the light as it does with how cheap they look. Maybe she should upgraded to something like a Hunter Douglas Luminette and thousands of dollars for them. Besides designers love to spend their customers money.

I recommend to go with the design of the home. If you have a modern interior then install a solar screen roller shade. On the other hand if you have a traditional home then maybe horizontal faux wood blinds would be best because they do offer the look of this style of home and they are provide amazing light control.

What have I learned from reading the article?

I have learned that not every designers opinion is what I want. Every designer has their own style, their own eye. If you are an artistic person like I am then you might have a better eye then your interior designer. Just saying to use your best judgment when taking advice from someone who most likely trying to sell you more expensive furniture then you want to pay for.


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