Shortage of lumber, price increased at an unpredictable manner.

Covid-19 hit our economy from last spring. Sawmills shut down lumber production to as the housing/construction business fell down in 2020. This CNN report clearly states how and why lumber production effects housing and packaging industry.

Tape measure tricks for all handymen & renovators

It's one of the most commonsense developments ever, loaded with shrouded highlights you presumably never knew existed! How are your measuring tape aptitudes? Shockingly, a measuring tape is one of the most useful innovations ever, brimming with shrouded highlights you likely never knew existed that will make the odd DIY home improvement work like measuring wall... Continue Reading →

What to Do If You Run Out of Toilet Paper

Wiping after going to the bathroom is an activity you probably typically take for granted and don’t talk about much. But nothing is normal right now, including the availability of toilet paper. Producers are ramping up TP production as people across the country hoard the stuff—anyone who’s tried to buy some in the past couple of weeks... Continue Reading →

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