How Window Screens Can Help Stop the Spread of Malaria and Zika Virus

Window screens provide more than just a decorative touch to any home - they can also help reduce the spread of deadly diseases like malaria and Zika virus. Find out how you can protect your family and property by using window screens to stop the passage of disease-carrying mosquitoes. Understanding Common Vector-Borne Diseases Vector-borne diseases,... Continue Reading →

An exciting opportunity to design interior spaces — my Interior Design Journey

Working my day job as a painter and decorator gives me opportunities to talk to clients about colour choices, wallpaper designs, bringing their existing space together with all aspects of design. On one occasion in the summer of 2021, a company we worked for wanted their office and communal spaces decorated, they had an idea […]An... Continue Reading →

Construction Today can be a gamble

Why should we be so cautious about building? Many question ponder in my mind. Will the next election cause the market to change? Is the economy going to crash again? If we have historic increases in construction jobs and a decrease in unemployment, then why are we saying to be cautious? Economic uncertainty and... Continue Reading →

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