Working With Best Custom Screens is the Best!

I’ve been a contractor for 37 years, focusing mainly on siding, windows, and doors. I’ve worked with dozens of suppliers, from small mom and pop shops to large corporate companies. Good experiences are pretty common. Bad ones happen more frequently than I’d like. But great experiences — where the company’s commitment to customer service, craftsmanship, and value far exceeds standard expectations? Those are rare. When you find a company like that, you make sure to hold onto them. That’s how I feel when I work with Best Custom Screens. They make my job easier with every purchase.

It all starts at the top. The owner, Steve Tristan, is a stand-up guy if I’ve ever met one. He’d give you the shirt off his back if you asked him, making sure it was dry-cleaned and ironed first before delivering. He’s committed to his customers, allowing us to offer the best value to ours. From what I can see, his leadership inspires everyone that works with him. They’re all committed to excellence. I’m never worried that a screen door will arrive with the wrong dimensions or that it will be damaged in shipping. The products BCS sells use premium materials, quality build practices, and sound shipping management.

Screen doors are screen doors, right? No, not at all. If you believe that, you haven’t been in the industry very long. I’ve purchased doors from other suppliers that arrived with warped or damaged frames, low-quality hardware, and poorly installed screening. Some were out of square. Others didn’t perform well once installed. And a few were just downright ugly.

I’ve never had any of those problems with Best Custom Screens. They build their products with a consistent quality you’d expect from much more expensive brands. They’re easy to install, operate smoothly, and get great feedback from my customers every single time.

It extends to everything they sell. Their sliding screen doors look great and fit snugly into their tracks. There’s none of the shake or binding you get from lower-quality doors. Their screening is premium, standing up to animals, children, and the elements. Apart from a pair of strong scissors or a hunting knife, there isn’t much you could throw at them that they can’t deal with.

I’ve purchased window screens, swinging screen doors, sliding screen doors, blinds and shades from BCS, and I’ve never been disappointed. They use high-quality hardware that’s built to last. Their window treatments are attractive, durable, and affordable. Their solar screens do precisely what you expect them to. And if you have an issue (and I rarely do), Steve and his crew do whatever they need to make things right. Strong customer service is at the core of everything they do. The “Best” in Best Custom Screens isn’t just a name. They live it every day. They sell the best products at the best prices, backed up by the industry’s best customer service. The only time I work with other suppliers these days is when my customer specifically requests it. Otherwise, Steve and BCS are my go to. You just can’t go wrong with them.


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